Fulfillment Is Our Core Competency

-We Are the Fulfillment Specialists- Celebrating 29 Years!

Since 1985, we have been your destination for all your product fulfillment needs. On June 30th, 2013 we renewed a pledge to our customers. Our pledge was to remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence in product and order fulfillment services. Being the best at product fulfillment has always been our passion. To ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction we made strategic changes to key areas of our business. Currently, our ability to provide exceptional customer service has never been stronger. If you are in the market for a fulfillment partner give us a try. We will be happy to help in any way.

Precision Order Fulfillment - Picture 1 - Direct Resources, Inc.
Precision Order Fulfillment - Picture 2 - Direct Resources, Inc.


With 29 years in the order fulfillment business, we know what it takes to create and maintain a thriving business. We are professional, proficient and proven. Our staff members are dedicated fulfillment specialists. From management to our warehouse crew, you are working with people who have the experience and drive to be the best in fulfillment. No substitute for experience.

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Accuracy is key to order fulfillment. In order to achieve greater accuracy we have employed Direct Response™. Direct Response™ is our real-time web-based fulfillment and order management software. Direct Response™ provides a robust set of tools to ensure precision and accuracy in all areas of product fulfillment. Software for accurate fulfillment.

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When precision and accuracy is pushed to the side quality ultimately suffers. Here at Direct Resources, Inc., we strive to be the best in product fulfillment. Precision in fulfillment yields on-time delivery. Precision in fulfillment yields the successful inventory audit. Precision in fulfillment yields cost-saving benefits. We want the long-term happy customer.

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